Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Essay questions

Video: do you have a choice of wether to be Jewish or not? D you have the free will of brew ish or not? Are we brainwashed to think what we believe in Judaism and are living in a false reality?
1. If yirmihayu was already appointed a navi before he was born does he have free will over wether to become a navi or not?
2.what does he mean he is "just a boy"?
3. Where have we seen this done before? To who?
4. Who touches yishiyahus lips and with what?
5. How does Ezekiel get "anointment" as a navi?
6.what does this mean and what is the Chiastic structure?
7. Why is it important that he sees a almond branch? Where else do we see an almond branch in the Torah?
8. What direction does the boiling pot come from? What does it represent?
9.what will the boiling pot do?
10.what evil did Israel do?
11. What is this pasuk in reference to? What was one of yirmihayus worries that this resolves?

Jonah F

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