Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Essay Questions by Matthew K

1. Do have a free will or did our parents and the environment around us shape who we are?
2. Based on what we learned do you deal that Yirmiyahu had free will or not?
3. What connection do Yirmiyahu and Aron had with the almond branch, and how are Yimiyahu and Aron similar because of this?
4. What relation does an almond branch have to Yirmiyahu?
5. Describe the 2 visions of Yirmiyahu and explain what they mean and include what Hashem said.
6. What is a Chaiastic structure and give an example from this pasuk. (Give them a pasuk)
7. What were the reasons Yirmiyahu thought he couldn't be a navi and why?
8. To uproot, to pull down, to build, to plant, to destroy. What is this an example of and what meaning does it have.

by Matthew K

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